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Whistle training for my pet slave.

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Learning to retrieved the ball can be confusing for a new PET SLAVE so I have am using a WHISTLE TO HELP WITH HIS TRAINING. Unfortunately, my pet slave is just so dumb that even with the whistle, he barely understand my commands so I decided to KICK HIM to make him understand better and amuse myself.



Nylons and Footjob, all you need, all you love in one Picset. Enjoy it!.

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Your Goddess. You have to kneel before me and to open your mouth very wide. Go on! I'll get the spit from the bottom to the top and you'll swallow it. Everything! And woe betide you let even a drop of the divine spit missed. And I berate yourself, and you expect the jerks your cock, but will only be injected if I tell you.

Spitting Domination


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